Turn Regret Into A Tool For Your Growth

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We all have those “what if” moments. But can looking back at our choices actually help us move forward in a positive way? In ‘My Journal Prompts’, hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest Dr. Cortina Peters discuss regret and how to turn it into a tool for growth.

Informed Decisions = Fewer Regrets

When we make choices with limited information, we might wish we’d done things differently later. Learning from past decisions helps us gather all the facts before committing to future paths.

“Regret” vs. “Different Choice”

Dr. Peters reminds us that regretting something suggests it was BAD. Focusing instead on how we’d simply do things differently frames the past as a learning tool, not a source of shame.

The Ripple Effect

Every decision, big or small, has consequences we can’t predict. We might never know how changing our past would have truly altered our present.

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