Bolivia’s Push for Coca Legalization

Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and Dr. Dan Bober break down a story discussing Bolivia's push for coca legalization in beer and liquors.

Motown Singer Sues Hospital for Discrimination & Misconduct

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Is Failure Actually a Good Teacher? A New Study Says This Idea May Need an Update

A study conducted between Yale, Northwestern, Cornell, and Columbia found that people overestimate their resilience after failure.

88-Year-Old Woman Honored By Community for Fostering Over 40 Children

Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and Dr. Jude Black discuss Emma Patterson, a woman honored by her community for fostering over 40 children.

Training America’s Youth to Address the Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health Television network discusses an initiative that aims to train youth to address mental health.

How Can You Reclaim Your Self-Worth After An Abusive Relationship?

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