A Letter to My Perpetrator

If you could write a letter to your abuser, what would you say? Pix Jonasson writes about her healing journey from childhood sexual abuse. She is a victor, a thriver, and COURAGEpreneur, this is her story.

Breaking The Cycle of Negative Self-Talk

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Building Real Connections in a Filtered World

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We Are Who We Are: Facing Our Own Limitations Can Be Hard

By Lisa SugarmanI’ve always been an active person. Like super active. To the point where sitting still isn’t really part of my top-tier skill...

It’s Time for a Season of Peace and Kindness

By Kevin SmithThe Urgency of KindnessKindness transcends politics. As humanity’s greatest asset, it bridges even the greatest of divides. Now, more than ever, it’s...

The Power of Positivity: How to Unlock Your Inner Optimist

Are you a glass half-full type of person, or glass half empty? Hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu and guest Dr. Gwilym Roddick explore AP News' ways to create a positive mindset for better well being on "What's Trending."

The Real Costs of America’s Overwhelmed Mental Health System

Are you worried about accessing mental health care when it matters most? In this "What's Trending" segment, hosts Jessica Reyes and Patricia Wu, along with guest therapist Ryan Heapy, discuss the tragic story of Andy Neiman, whose death highlights the consequences of America's underfunded and overwhelmed mental health system. They explore the real costs, personal experiences, and how we can help others navigate this complex system.

Breaking Free From Routine: How to Appreciate Life Again

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Never Too Late: A 99-Year-Old Breaks Swimming World Record

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Therapy Dogs Provide Comfort and Healing at Olympic Event

The "Goodest Boy" at Olympic TrialsIn this Psychology Behind the Headlines, hosts Jessica Reyes and Patricia Wu are joined by psychologist Dr. Geri-Lynn Utter-Godfrey...

Uncomfortable Comfort: Learning to Live With Anxiety

Do you ever feel uneasy without knowing why? We all experience anxiety from time to time, but for some it can be a constant companion. On "What's Trending," Hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes are joined by certified clinical hypnotherapist Rene Brent to unpack Psychology Today's root causes of anxiety.