Therapy Methods

The Secret Power of Furry Teaching Assistants

By Barbara VokatisBenefits of Therapy Animals in ClassroomsThese days, many children have high levels of anxiety that often prevent them fromlearning in school. But...

Can Electrical Brain Stimulation Help Overcome Heartbreak?

Patricia Wu and therapist, Ryan Heapy discuss a study that talks about electrical brain stimulation and heartbreak.

Animal-Assisted Education: Making a Paw-sitive Impact in the Classroom

We've heard a lot about the benefits of animal-assisted therapy. What about animal-assisted education? Animal-assisted education expert Barbara Vokatis joins host Patricia Wu to talk about it on this 'Mental Breakthroughs' segment.

What to Know When Searching for a Therapist

Patricia Wu and Dr. Gwilym Roddick, founder and director of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of Central & South Florida, discuss how to find the right therapist.

Ineffective Therapy: How To Find The Right Fit

Patricia Wu talks to Dr. Gwilym Roddick, the founder of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of Central & South Florida about finding the right style of therapy.

Tips on Reclaiming Your Life After Brain Injury

Living with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be mentally exhausting and tiring, but recovery starts with understanding that its effects aren't always visible.

From Military to Mental Health: Sam Peterson’s Journey into Mental Health Care

Sam Peterson, former Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician and military contractor, shares his personal experiences and understanding of veterans' mental health struggles.

Honoring Sacrifice, Embracing Healing: A Memorial Day Message for Veterans

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and while the unofficial start of summer brings excitement, it's crucial to remember the true significance of this...

The Ayahuasca Experience: What It’s Like, Who It’s For, and Why It’s Trending

Have you heard of ayahuasca? It's a plant medicine used for centuries in the Amazon rainforest, and it's gaining attention worldwide for its potential...

Many Lives, Many Masters: Exploring Past Life Regression Therapy & Its Benefits

On 'Page Inspiration,' hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest holistic therapist Charlotte Lewis discuss Dr. Brian Weiss's book, "Many Lives, Many Masters."Past Life...

Nature’s Prescription: How Farm Life Is Transforming Mental Health Care

On 'Psychology Behind the Headlines,' hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest Dr. Cortina Peters discuss about a unique therapeutic approach at Jubilee Healing...