Doing the Movement That Helps Support the Mental Mood You Want To Achieve

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On “Page Inspiration,” hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest Erica Hornthal, author of “Body Aware”, discuss the power of mindful movement for mental health.

Your body speaks

Learn to read your body’s subtle signals to understand your emotions and needs better.

Movement supports mood

Practice mindful movement to find the types of activity that enhance your mental well-being.

Small shifts, big impact

Even simple adjustments in your posture and breathing can make a positive difference.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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  1. What a great interview. It really resonates with me to be reminded about the importance of being aware of our body and how we move. If we want to be healthy, we need to show our selves the kindness of being aware of our body’s needs and doing what it takes to meet those needs in positive ways.


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