Why Letting Go of Past Loves Paves the Way for True Happiness

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Join Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and therapist Deanne Schulz on an enlightening journey through heartache and healing. Today’s episode offers three key takeaways that will empower you to move forward from a breakup:

Letting Go of the Past

Deanne Schulz advises against “remembering the good times” as it can prolong the agony. Instead, focus on the present and future.

Facing the Reality

Making a list of the negatives in the relationship can help you understand why it ended and why you’re better off. “Remember the bad.” It’s a step towards accepting the situation.


Schulz stresses the importance of being honest with yourself about why the breakup happened. This self-reflection can be crucial for personal growth and avoiding similar issues in future relationships.

Stay tuned for more insights on finding strength and reclaiming your happiness after a heartbreak.

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