Triggered? How to Turn Your Reactions Into Healing Opportunities

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In this insightful conversation, our host Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes explores the profound impact of emotional triggers with guest expert, Dr. Dan Bober. They delve into the personal story of a 34-year-old grappling with the after effects of a childhood filled with shouting, showcasing how past traumas can influence our present reactions and relationships. Here are three key takeaways for quickly understanding and managing your triggers:

Recognize Individual Differences

Triggers vary widely among individuals, often rooted in past trauma. Acknowledging your unique triggers is the first step towards healing.

Seek Professional Support

Therapy and, in some cases, medication, are crucial for addressing the deep-seated issues behind triggers. Professional help can provide the tools to process and manage your responses effectively.

Include Partners in the Process

When triggers affect relationships, involving partners in therapy can be beneficial. It helps both parties understand the dynamics at play and work together towards healthier interactions.

Dr. Dan Bober highlights the importance of doing the work to process and habituate to triggers, emphasizing that there are no shortcuts to recovery. If you’re struggling with triggers, this conversation is a must-watch to start navigating your path to healing.

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