The Healing Power of Animals: Equine Therapy Explained

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The bond between humans and animals is undeniable, but can it help heal our emotional pain? On “Mental Breakthrough”, host Patricia Wu and guest Erin Cain from Grace Reins Equine Therapy discuss the power of animal-assisted therapy.

Animals as a Safe Space for Healing

Animals don’t judge, ask questions, or pressure us. This makes it easier to relax, feel comfortable, and process emotions that might be hard to discuss with another person.

Animals Sense Our Emotions

Animals have a unique ability to read our body language, facial expressions, and even the chemicals we emit when feeling certain emotions. This allows them to respond intuitively in a way that feels supportive.

Getting Started with Animal-Assisted Therapy

Erin suggests starting by volunteering at a shelter, spending time with a friend’s pet, or seeking out specialized equine therapy programs. Any interaction with animals can provide benefits.

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