The Fine Line Between Support and Enabling Addiction

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In a compelling dialogue with our guest Audrey Jung and hosts, Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes, discover the fine line between supporting a friend battling addiction and maintaining your own mental health. Audrey shares invaluable insights, such as:

Keep the Door Open

Let your friend know you’re there for them when they’re ready to seek help, maintaining a balance between support and personal boundaries.

Self-Care is Crucial

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Focus on your own well-being to ensure you have the strength to be there for your friend when they are ready.

Know When to Step Back

Understand that distance might be necessary for your friend to realize the impact of their actions and start seeking change. This decision should align with your values and the nature of your relationship.

Learn through a touching story how tough love and self-preservation can lead to healing. This is a must-watch for anyone facing the challenge of a loved one’s addiction, offering actionable advice for a healthier support dynamic.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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