United or Untied? Essential Tips to Keep Your Bonds Strong!

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Join our hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes as they delve into life’s challenging quakes with expert insights from therapist Audrey Jung. Discover these tips on how to keep your relationship thriving amid divergent paths and how to support loved ones through addiction while caring for your own well-being.

Embrace Change Together

As Patricia mentions, long-term relationships can evolve with individual aspirations. Couples should openly discuss their evolving dreams and find common ground to grow together. Quick action: Schedule a monthly ‘dreams and goals’ check-in with your partner to align your paths.

Support Without Losing Yourself

Jessica brings up a viewer’s concern about supporting a friend through addiction relapse. It’s essential to maintain boundaries for your well-being. Offer support but also seek help for yourself, perhaps from support groups or a therapist.

Identify and Address Drifts Early

Therapist Audrey Jung is brought in to discuss what to do when couples find themselves drifting apart. Addressing issues early can prevent larger rifts. Initiate a conversation if you feel a drift, and consider couples therapy as a proactive step.

Remember to keep the conversation going with your partner and friends to navigate life’s changes successfully. Are you taking these steps to adapt and support each other?

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Editorial Team
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