Stuck in a Marriage Rut? Tips to Rekindle the Spark

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It’s normal for relationships to change as we do, but sometimes, that can lead to feeling like you don’t even know your partner anymore. On ‘What’s Trending’, hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu and guest therapist Dr. Cortina Peters discuss what to do before ending the relationship.

Relationships Evolve – Embrace the Change

People grow and change throughout life. Your partner at 50 isn’t the same person they were at 20. Regularly rediscover who they are now.

Open Communication is Key

Ask each other: What are your current goals and dreams? How has the way you want to be loved changed? This fosters understanding and connection.

Explore the ‘New’ Person in Your Life

Think of your long-term relationship as a series of shorter relationships with the same person. Be curious and learn about the person your partner has become at each stage.

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