Is Your Relationship in a Rut? Recognize the Signs Before It’s Too Late

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In this heartfelt segment, Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes explore the delicate topic of long-term relationships and the crossroads many couples face. Therapist Mary Beth Somich joins the conversation to offer her expert insights. Here are three key takeaways for our viewers:

Recognize the Routine

Acknowledge if the comfort of your routine has become a lonely experience and consider if this is contributing to a sense of neglect or a lack of quality time.

Evaluate Your Feelings

Reflect on whether you’re facing a temporary dip in connection or if there’s a persistent feeling that the relationship is not fulfilling your needs anymore.

Seek Guidance

Understand the importance of seeking professional advice to navigate these feelings. A therapist can help distinguish between a phase that can be worked through and when it might be healthier to move on.

Wondering where you stand in your partnership? Tune in as we discuss the signs that suggest it’s time to reignite the spark or gently let go.

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Editorial Team
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