Stop Losing Yourself with Your Partner’s Trauma

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Our Hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes engage in a deep conversation with Dr. Jude Black, a renowned expert on relationships and trauma, to uncover effective ways to support a partner dealing with trauma without compromising your own well-being. Here are three key takeaways:

Understanding Triggers

Dr. Jude Black explains that triggers are often involuntary responses to past trauma, not a choice. Understanding this can foster empathy and patience in a relationship.

Self-Care is Crucial

Before you can support someone else, it’s vital to ensure you’re taking care of yourself. Dr. Jude Black emphasizes the importance of self-care and putting on your “own oxygen mask first” to be able to help others effectively.

Communication is Key

Open, honest communication is fundamental. Listening to understand, rather than to fix, can lead to breakthroughs and strengthen the relationship.

Watch the video for actionable insights on nurturing a supportive and healthy relationship.

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