Simple Kitchen Hacks for Busy, Healthy Lifestyles

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Want to eat healthier but feel overwhelmed or too busy to make significant changes? Functional nutritionist, Jayne Williams, joined Patricia Wu to share quick, easy kitchen hacks that boost nutrient density without sacrificing time, flavor, or satisfaction.

Smoothies Don’t Have to Be Bitter

Learn how a splash of acid can transform your green smoothies, making them less bitter and even more refreshing. Bonus: this trick works when cooking greens, too!

Sheet Pan Meals: One-Pan Wonders

Sheet pan meals create maximum flavor with minimal effort. Roast protein and veggies together for easy meals throughout the week. This hack streamlines cooking and cleanup.

Rice Upgrade

Cut the carbs and boost nutrition by swapping half your brown rice for cauliflower rice. You’ll still enjoy the comforting texture with an extra dose of vitamins and fiber.

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  1. Jayne,
    You are simply amazing!!! Thank you for this email which I thoroughly enjoyed. Looking forward to more.
    I am feeling well thanks to you and HU58 and am out working in the backyard every minute that I can.
    Keep up your wonderful work.
    Delores Fetta


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