Build a Satisfying Salad: Stop Feeling Hungry

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Tired of that afternoon slump after lunch? On ‘Mental Breakthroughs’, hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest functional nutritionist Jayne Williams shows us how to create a satisfying salad that packs a nutritional punch for better mental health.

The Power of the “Fundamental 5”

Jayne introduces her “Fundamental 5” method for building a balanced meal: protein, fat, fiber, greens, and superfoods. She explains how this combo keeps you full and energized.

Build Your Brain-Boosting Salad

Follow along as Jayne demonstrates how to layer a mason jar salad with colorful veggies, omega-rich fats, and a simple, healthy dressing for a convenient workday lunch.

The Importance of Chewing

Jayne emphasizes the importance of mindful chewing, explaining how it aids digestion, promotes feelings of fullness, and benefits mental well-being.

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Editorial Team
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