Setting Boundaries Between Your Partner and Best Friend

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How do you address any suspicions?

In this segment of Lifequakes, host Jessica Reyes tackles the uncomfortable situation of suspecting your best friend is too close to your partner. Jojo Venant joins the discussion to offer advice on setting healthy boundaries and addressing concerns without causing unnecessary drama.

Avoiding The Drama

Venant commends the person feeling this way for recognizing the importance of taking a step back and considering how to address the situation calmly and avoid unnecessary drama. If either person has experienced infidelity in the past, these emotions and insecurities are understandable. However, it’s important to remember that healthy boundaries can still be established to foster a more secure relationship.

Communicate With Your Partner

Venant advises that these feelings need to be addressed. The best way to navigate this situation is to start with questions, not accusations. Communication is vital for successful relationships, whether with friends or partners.

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