Report Reveals High Rates of Depression For NYC Teens

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A report on mental health in New York City reveals a complex picture. While nearly one in five adults has been diagnosed with anxiety, the overall rate of mental health disorders aligns with the national average. However, access to treatment remains uneven, with disparities among different communities. Jessica Reyes and Patricia Wu break down the story with Dr. Jude Black.

A city-wide problem

The COVID-19 pandemic has also had a profound impact, exacerbating feelings of loneliness and grief. Although the initial surge in psychological distress has subsided, the long-term effects are still unfolding. Alarmingly, the majority of New Yorkers lack a reliable source of emotional support.

Mental health is a problem for teens across all demographics

The report also sheds light on the mental health of young people. Children from Latino, Black, and white backgrounds are more likely to experience severe psychological distress than their Asian peers. Among teenagers, a staggering 48% reported depressive symptoms, although most also demonstrated resilience.

Substance abuse in NYC

Substance use patterns reveal a preference for alcohol over cannabis among New Yorkers. The report emphasizes the need for targeted interventions and increased access to mental health services across all communities.

To learn more about Dr. Jude Black and her work, visit her website and connect with her on Instagram.

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