NYC Revives Mental Health First Aid Training to Address Crisis

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In today’s segment ‘Psychology Behind the Headlines’, hosts Jessica Reyes and Patricia Wu discuss New York City’s efforts to tackle the ongoing mental health crisis. City Councilwoman Linda Lee has proposed a bill to bring back the Mental Health First Aid training program. This initiative, originally launched under former Mayor Bill de Blasio, was put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MHTN Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Bober, discusses the potential impact of this type of program. Dr. Bober believes this is a “progressive” and “forward-thinking” step that could benefit many cities across the US.

The program offers a vital way to provide more accessible mental health support across the city. When it was running previously, over 150,000 people were trained in different languages, and it helped prevent thousands of emergency room visits. Dr. Bober explains why community-level care is not only a compassionate approach, but also an economically wise one.

Mental Health First Aid for the People

This program empowers community members with the skills to recognize and respond to signs of mental health distress, helping those in need before a crisis point is reached.

A Smart Investment

Dr. Bober underscores that investing in community mental health support reduces strain on the healthcare system and ultimately saves resources in the long run.

A Model for the Nation

NYC’s renewed initiative highlights how cities can take tangible action toward building a more robust mental health infrastructure nationwide.

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Editorial Team
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