NBA Star, DeMar DeRozan: There Is No Shame in Struggling

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In “Psychology Behind the Headlines,” hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes discuss NBA star DeMar DeRozan’s difficult experience during the 2018 All-Star weekend and his journey of opening up about it. Guest expert Audrey Jung explains why more celebrities are sharing their mental health battles and highlights DeRozan’s impact through his YouTube series, “Dinners with DeMar.”

Sharing Helps

DeMar DeRozan showed a lot of courage by tweeting about his mental health struggles. This move helped change how people see mental health in sports, showing that it’s okay to talk about how you’re feeling and seek help.

Everyone Can Struggle

Jung reminds us that being famous or wealthy doesn’t mean you won’t have mental health challenges. DeRozan’s story teaches us that anyone can face tough times, no matter how successful they seem.

Role Models Matter

The conversation touches on how important it is for young fans to see their sports heroes like DeRozan talking openly about mental health. Sharing these stories on platforms like YouTube and Instagram can show kids that it’s normal to have hard days and that asking for help is a good thing.

Watch the full video to learn more and be inspired by DeRozan’s and Audrey Jung’s insights on mental health.

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