AI Chatbots Are Making Mistakes. Are They Hallucinating?

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In the latest episode of ‘Psychology Behind The Headlines’, Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes dive into the fascinating world of chatbots and AI with the expertise of Audrey Jung. This enlightening discussion reveals why sometimes chatbots don’t quite hit the mark in conversations, despite their design for intelligent dialogue.

Understanding AI’s Boundaries

Audrey Jung clarifies that when AI seems to ‘misspeak’, it’s not about hallucination or confusion; it’s about how differently AI processes information compared to humans. Recognizing AI as a sophisticated tool, rather than attributing human-like understanding to it, helps us utilize technology more effectively and with realistic expectations.

The Power of Words

The conversation takes a critical look at how we describe AI behavior, particularly the use of terms like ‘hallucinations’. Jung emphasizes the importance of our word choices, reminding us that language can influence perceptions not just in technology, but across all human interactions. It’s a call to be mindful of the words we use and their broader implications.

Humanizing Technology

The hosts and Jung explore why we tend to give human traits to technology, from naming our cars to chatting with AI as if they were human. This anthropomorphizing reflects our innate desire to connect and find relatability, even with inanimate objects. It prompts us to think about how this affects our interactions with technology and its place in our lives.

Check out the full video for a more comprehensive understanding and to hear more from our expert guest, Audrey Jung.

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