My PTSD is Ruining My Life. How Do I Start to Heal?

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On “Life Quakes”, a veteran who is struggling after returning home with PTSD is having nightmares, flashbacks, and fear. This has strained his relationships and left him feeling isolated. He desperately wants to heal but doesn’t know where to start. Hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest Dr. Jude Black guides him with advice on where to get support.

You’re Not Alone

Many veterans face PTSD after combat. It’s a normal reaction to abnormal events, and there are ways to heal.

Getting Help is the First Step

Reach out to the VA, your doctor, look for online resources.

The Stigma is Changing

It’s okay to talk about mental health struggles. Finding a safe space – therapy, a support group, even a trusted friend – is crucial.

Are YOU a veteran with PTSD, or do you have a loved one who is? How did you find help and support? Share your experiences below.

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