Veterans Can Overcome PTSD: Expert Insights from Dr. Jude Black

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In this “Mental Breakthrough” segment with host Jessica Reyes, guest Dr. Jude Black, a therapist specializing in trauma, shares insights about PTSD and innovative treatment approaches for combat veterans. She explains PTSD in relatable terms and highlights that veterans experiencing this are not broken, but simply carrying a heavy weight.

What is PTSD?

Dr. Black uses the analogy of a library with books thrown off the shelves to explain how trauma disrupts the brain’s ability to organize and process memories.

Effective Treatments

She highlights therapies like CBT and EMDR that can help “re-shelve” those traumatic memories and reduce reactivity to triggers, allowing veterans to regain a sense of control.

Healing with Technology

VR therapy is a promising tool allowing veterans to revisit triggering situations in a safe setting with a therapist’s guidance, ultimately working to lessen the emotional intensity of those memories.

If you’re a veteran struggling with PTSD or know someone who is, Dr. Black offers an empowering message: “Reclaim your life – seek help.”

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