Are You Unknowingly Struggling with PTSD Nightmares?

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Join Jessica Reyes, Patrica Wu, and Dr. Cortina Peters on “Life Quakes” as we delve into the challenging world of PTSD-related nightmares. Discover three essential tips to identify and manage these distressing experiences:

Recognizing the Signs

PTSD nightmares are more than bad dreams; they often replay past trauma. Jessica explains that experiencing these regularly could be a sign that your mind is trying to process deep-seated issues.

Impact on Daily Life

It’s not just about losing sleep. Dr. Peters emphasizes the ripple effect these nightmares have on your mental health and daily well-being.

Practical Strategies

There’s hope for relief. Dr. Peters will share some actionable steps to regain control over your sleep and reduce the impact of PTSD nightmares on your life.

Don’t let nightmares control your nights. Tune in to learn more and start your journey towards peaceful sleep.

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