I’m A First Responder and My Nightmares and Flashbacks Are Getting Worse… How Do I Cope?

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In “Life Quakes,” we hear from a brave first responder struggling with the aftermath of traumatic events on the job. Nightmares, flashbacks, and constant hypervigilance are affecting his relationships and personal life. He feels like he can never truly relax.

Guest Dr. Jude Black, a trauma therapist, joins host Jessica Reyes and Patricia Wu to discuss his situation. She explains that with the right treatment and support, first responders can find relief and reclaim their quality of life.

First responders are at risk for PTSD

The high-stress nature of the job can lead to lingering mental and emotional effects for first responders.

Treatment can bring back quality of life

Therapies like CBT and EMDR, as well as other innovative methods, can help individuals process trauma.

Early intervention is key

Recognizing PTSD symptoms and seeking help as soon as possible leads to better outcomes.

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