My Art is My Life, But Self-Doubt is Killing Me: Am I Good Enough?

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Today on “Life Quakes,” host Patricia Wu hears from a viewer that is a talented artist crushed by the creative process. The fear of judgment and the difficulty of making a living with his art have taken a serious toll on his mental health. Our guest, psychotherapist Deanna Dellia, offers tips on navigating the pressures of the art world.

Find your tribe

The art world can seem cutthroat, but supportive communities exist. Connect with other artists – even those you see as competitors!

Learn from the best (who’ve also struggled)

Even successful artists get rejected constantly. Find inspiration in their stories of resilience.

Remember, it’s about the journey

Your creative vision is what matters most. Focus on the joy of the process, not just the outcome.

Let’s help this artist! Have you battled creative self-doubt? What helped you overcome it? Share your advice and experience in the comments.

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Editorial Team
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