Heal From Trauma Through Art

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In today’s discussion, hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes explore the fascinating relationship between therapy and art with the insightful Deanna Dellia. As a therapist and artist, Deanna shares her perspective on how these two realms intertwine to promote growth and healing. Join us as we uncover the transformative power of art in therapy and discover how creativity can lead to self-discovery and emotional well-being.

Art as Healing

Deanna talks about her journey from struggling artist to therapist. She says art isn’t just about self-expression—it can help people deal with their emotions. Being creative can be a powerful tool for improving mental health.

Art and Therapy

Deanna explains how she uses art in therapy. She helps people explore their feelings through different forms of art, like painting or writing. This helps them understand themselves better and overcome challenges.

Transforming Trauma

Deanna is writing a book about turning personal trauma into art. She believes storytelling can be healing. By sharing her own experiences through fiction, she hopes to show others how art can help them cope with difficult times.

Dive deeper into the therapeutic realm of art by watching the full interview. Discover how the fusion of creativity and therapy can pave the way for profound healing and self-discovery. Join us as we explore the boundless possibilities of art as a catalyst for mental well-being.

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