Feeling Stuck in Your Creativity? How to Thrive Amidst Rejection and Pressure

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Join hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes as they dive into the challenges and joys of being creative. This episode is all about balancing your creative work with staying happy and healthy. Guest psychotherapist Deanna Dellia gives real advice for dealing with rejection, avoiding burnout, and keeping your passion alive.

The Personal Nature of Creative Work

Understand why rejection and the demand for constant production can feel deeply personal, and how shifting your perspective can alleviate some of this emotional burden. Deanna suggests setting meaningful but attainable intentions for your work that go beyond external validation.

Setting Attainable Goals

Learn the importance of setting goals that focus on sharing your truth and passion rather than fixating on quantitative achievements like streams or publishing deals. This approach can redefine success in a way that is both fulfilling and conducive to mental health.

Tackling Creative Block

Discover strategies to overcome writer’s block or creative stagnation by starting small and prioritizing the process over the outcome. Deanna and the host discuss the value of writing anything that comes to mind as a way to ignite creativity and produce meaningful work.

Watch this segment learn how to protect your passion and your peace in the face of industry pressures. Don’t let the fear of rejection or the demand for constant output steal your creative spark!

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Editorial Team
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