I was Hospitalized For My Mental Struggles… Now Dealing With The Shame. How Do I Move On?

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On ‘Life Quakes’, a viewer struggling is recovering from a mental health hospitalization. They made the brave choice to get help, but now coworkers whisper, and formerly supportive friends have pulled away. This viewer knows their mental health is a priority but wants to know how to move forward in the face of judgment. Guest therapist Ryan Heapy, who joins hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes, offers guidance and shares his own experience with hospitalization.

Prioritize Your Recovery

Don’t let other people’s opinions derail your mental health progress. Surround yourself with supportive loved ones and focus on the healing journey.

Setting Boundaries is Crucial

It’s okay to distance yourself from those who don’t understand or offer support. Your well-being is most important.

Be a Beacon of Strength

As you heal, your resilience and growth will shine through. Become an example for others facing similar struggles.

Have you faced stigma? Share your experience OR offer a word of encouragement below.

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