6 Months Sober and Struggling to Rebuild My Life. Help!

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Addiction recovery is a major accomplishment, but it can also feel incredibly isolating. This viewer knows that feeling all too well. After getting sober, he’s found himself without a social circle and struggling to find people who understand his journey. The fear of relapse is a constant companion, especially in those lonely moments.

Dr. Michelle Quilter joins hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes for Life Quakes to offer advice. Her top recommendations include connecting with support groups and exploring new activities to forge a new community. She also stresses the potential benefits of therapy during this challenging transition.

The Challenge of Starting Over

Leaving behind old social circles in recovery.

Finding Your People

The importance of support groups for shared understanding.

New Interests, New Friends

Building community through shared passions.

Can you offer additional tips for this viewer to find his support system and stay strong in his recovery? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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