My Faith Says My Depression Isn’t Real. How Do I Find Help?

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In this segment of “Life Quakes,” a viewer opens up about how they’ve always relied on their faith, but now they’re facing depression. Sadly, their spiritual community seems to be making things worse by suggesting their mental health struggles are due to a lack of faith. This is leaving the viewer feeling isolated, guilty, and unsure where to turn.

Guest, trauma therapist Lauren Penner, offers guidance and reassurance with hosts Patricia and Jessica Reyes. She explains that depression is absolutely real, and it’s not a choice or a spiritual failing. Lauren emphasizes that seeking mental health support and maintaining your faith are both possible and important.


Depression is real, and it’s not caused by a lack of faith. Seeking mental health help doesn’t mean your faith is weak.

Spiritual bypassing

It happens when well-meaning advice ignores real problems. We need to acknowledge our pain in order to heal.


Therapy empowers you to take charge of your mental health. This can be done while still honoring your faith.

Is your faith a source of comfort or conflict when you’re struggling? How would you advise our viewer? Share your thoughts and connect with others in the comments below.

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