“I Can’t Do This Anymore…I Feel Burnt Out As a Nurse”- Is There Help?

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Our “Life Quakes” , we are hearing from a nurse working in a busy hospital. She’s tired, stressed, and reaching her breaking point. The demands of her job, especially in the wake of the pandemic, have left her struggling with burnout. She feels like she’s failing her patients, and that scares her. Hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest Dr. Jude Black offers advice.

Take care of yourself first

Sound cliché? It’s not. You can’t help others if you’re running on empty.

Rediscover your ‘why’

Why did you become a nurse? Rekindling that motivation can reignite your passion.

Seek support ASAP

This could mean family, friends, or a therapist. Talking about what you’re experiencing creates space to heal.

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Editorial Team
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