Help! My Partner and I Keep Competing Over Each Other. How Do We Stop?

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This segment is from our “Life Quakes” series, where hosts Patricia Wu and Jessica Reyes help people navigate life’s challenges. Today, a viewer’s relationship is strained because she and her partner are always competing about who works harder. Dr. Cortina Peters, a licensed therapist, shares how they can ditch the competition and build a supportive partnership.

Here’s what Dr. Cortina says about ending this competitiveness:

Focus on the relationship, not yourselves

When you remember that you’re a team, you’ll be less likely to score points against each other.

You’re partners, not opponents

Support each other when one of you can’t give 100%. That’s what teamwork is about!

Competition doesn’t belong in a relationship

The only competition here is to be a better partner today than you were yesterday.

Do you have any advice for this couple? Let us know in the comments!

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