How to Support Your Partner Through Mental Struggles

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Discover how to strengthen your relationship while navigating the complexities of mental health. Join our host Patricia Wu for an enlightening conversation with therapist Cortina Peters, as they delve into practical tips for creating a supportive space for your loved one.

Educate and Empathize

The first step in supporting your partner is educating yourself about their specific mental health challenges. Cortina emphasizes the importance of seeking resources, becoming curious, and approaching the situation with empathy. Understanding what your partner is going through creates a foundation of support and helps maintain the relationship’s dynamic, ensuring love and care remain at the forefront.

Self-Care and Communication

Supporting a partner with mental health issues can be draining. Cortina advises on the significance of self-care to prevent burnout and resentment. Taking breaks, listening to your body, and honest communication about your needs are essential. Additionally, it’s crucial to balance the relationship by openly discussing both partners’ needs, ensuring a supportive and nurturing environment for both.

Professional Help and Alternative Resources

Seeking professional counseling, whether individually or together, can be incredibly beneficial. Cortina suggests having “mine, yours, and ours” therapists to cater to individual and collective needs. For those uncomfortable with therapy, alternative resources such as mental health networks, podcasts, books, and online apps can offer guidance and support.

This conversation with Cortina sheds light on the importance of empathy, communication, and education in supporting a partner with mental health challenges. By implementing these strategies, couples can navigate the complexities of mental health with understanding and compassion, strengthening their bond. For more in-depth insights and practical advice, we encourage you to watch the full video.

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