Found Out My Husband’s a Gambler – What Do I Do Now?

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On ‘Life Quakes,’ hosts Jessica Reyes , Patricia Wu, and guest therapist Yehudah Alcabes offers advice to a viewer who found out her husband is a high-stakes gambler, and now debt collectors are after their house!

Don’t Face This Alone

Dealing with a spouse’s severe gambling addiction is incredibly complex. Seek professional support to navigate confrontation and the difficult journey ahead.

Hiding Money Might Be Necessary

It might feel wrong, but if the gambling debts threaten your family’s stability, hiding some money can be crucial for your own safety and the safety of your kids.

Spouses Often Need to Rebuild Trust

Gambling addictions can involve secrecy and manipulation. Don’t expect everything to change after one conversation – regaining trust will likely be a long process.

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