Is Your Phone the New Casino? The Rise of Gambling Addiction

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Gambling addiction is on the rise, fueled by the explosion of sports betting and online gambling. In this Mental Breakthrough segment, host Patricia Wu and guest therapist Yehudah Alcabes reveals how easy access and constant advertising are creating a perfect storm for those vulnerable to addiction.

Gambling Addiction: Not Just a Casino Problem

Gambling addiction is changing. Constant access and social acceptance make spotting addiction harder.

Understanding the Signs of Gambling Addiction

Watch for erratic moods, anxiety, and financial secrecy in yourself or loved ones. Pay attention to changes in someone’s relationship with sports or other betting platforms.

The Path to Help: Honesty and Support

If you have a gambling problem, start with honesty. Tell someone you trust and consider seeking support through Gamblers Anonymous. If you’re concerned about someone else, express your worries – their reaction may not be ideal, but your concern could be the first step toward their recovery.

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