My Addicted Spouse Keeps Relapsing…Do I Leave The Relationship?

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Today on “Life Quakes,” host Patricia Wu and guest therapist Yehudah Alcabes tackles a heartbreaking topic: what to do when your partner’s addiction is tearing your family apart. Our viewer writes about the constant cycle of broken promises and relapses with her alcoholic husband, and how it’s affecting her and their children. She feels lost and desperately wants to protect herself and her family.

Support is Key

Al-Anon offers community and resources for those affected by a loved one’s addiction. Don’t go through this alone.

Prioritize Safety

If a relapse feels imminent, having a plan protects you and your children, both physically and emotionally.

Honest But Age-Appropriate Conversations

Kids are perceptive; acknowledge the situation in a way they can understand without making them your confidant.

Have you faced a similar struggle with a loved one’s addiction? Comment below any advice or resource that has helped you cope.

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