Do You REALLY Want to Know? Friends, Cheating Partners, and Big Life Decisions

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Ready for some rapid-fire questions that test your limits? Hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, MHTN producer Andrew Mercein, and guest Jayne Williams played the “Yes, No Game” and the answers got juicy! Here’s a taste:

  • Download an app that reveals your friends’ honest opinions… anonymously?
  • Chase after your cheating partner, or let them go?
  • Break up with someone because they don’t want the same things in life?

Our answers might surprise you! Watch the clip, then play along in the comments. Could YOU handle the tough choices?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
At the heart of MHTN - America's pioneering 24/7 Mental Health TV Network - is our editorial team, a dynamic group of professionals united by a shared commitment to transforming the conversation around mental health. Our team is composed of seasoned journalists, mental health experts, researchers, and storytellers, each bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for advocacy.


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