The Future of Safety: Blood Test Detects Lack Of Sleep

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Hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu and guest Dr. Kristen Gurdak discuss a new blood test that can pinpoint extreme fatigue caused by sleep deprivation. Australian scientists have created this test that achieves a remarkable 99.2% accuracy rate in identifying signs of sleep deprivation. Could this become a future tool to enhance safety on the roads and in the workplace?

Sleep Deprivation is Dangerous

Extreme lack of sleep significantly impairs our cognitive abilities, making it as hazardous as being under the influence of alcohol.

A Test for Fatigue

This new blood test provides a scientific and objective way to measure sleep deprivation, opening doors for improved safety measures.

Wide-Ranging Benefits

This research has the potential to reduce accidents and improve overall well-being, with relevance to many professions where alertness is crucial.

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