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Join Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and our guest Holly Higgins, a seasoned hypnotherapist, for an engaging chat on how mental health support is changing. We’ll explore online therapy platforms like Talkspace. Here are a few tips that can improve your mental health journey:

Finding Easy Access and Comfort on Your Fingertips

Learn how the Virtual therapy platform, Talkspace ,brings licensed therapists directly to you through video, text, and audio chats, offering unparalleled convenience and comfort from your home.

Personal Connection Matters

Discover the importance of building a one-on-one connection with your therapist, whether it’s through audio or video chat, to deepen your therapy experience beyond text messages.

Taking the First Step

Holly shares empowering advice on overcoming the anxiety of seeking help. Sometimes, exploring your options and taking even the smallest step towards therapy can make a significant difference in your life.

Tune in for a more in depth guidance on recognizing and utilizing tools for mental health support. 

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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