College Anxiety: When to Worry and When to Let Go As a Parent

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On ‘What’s Trending’, hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest Ryan Heapy discuss that parents might be fueling college anxiety and why letting kids struggle a bit might be the best way to help them succeed.

Stop Overreacting to Normal Emotions

It’s natural for kids to feel anxious about going to college. Parents can make things worse if they push their own anxieties onto their kids or think every emotional struggle is a serious mental health problem.

Most College Kids Will Adjust Just Fine

College life is a big change, but most students adapt very well. Typical anxieties don’t usually mean there’s a deep psychological issue.

Let Your Kids Learn Resilience

Life is full of hard times – breakups, failure, and loss. We rob our kids of vital life skills when we swoop in to fix everything. They need the chance to get back up on their own.

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