British Radio Host Roman Kemp Leaves Job After Workplace Triggers Grief

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On ‘Psychology Behind the Headlines,’ Radio personality Roman Kemp recently shared that he left his job because returning to the studio brought back the trauma of his friend’s suicide. Hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest Dr. Jude Black discuss the difficult reality of grief.

The Power of Place

Environments can hold strong emotional memories, positive and negative. After a loss, a once-familiar place can trigger overwhelming grief.

Mindfulness for the Present

When painful memories arise, grounding techniques can help. Focus on the breath, your surroundings, and remind yourself “I am here, I am safe” in the present moment.

Reach Out for SupportĀ 

Letting trusted friends or colleagues know you’re struggling can make a difference. A gentle reminder from a loved one can help pull you back from the past.

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