Why You Can’t Help But Dance: The Music Connection

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Ever feel that urge to move when you hear a catchy song? Turns out there’s a scientific reason behind that irresistible groove. On “Psychology Behind the Headlines”, host Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest Dr. Cortina Peters discuss about new research exploring how our brains translate rhythms into body movement.

The Science of Syncopation

Syncopation is when the rhythm falls between the main beats of a song. This slightly unexpected timing is what triggers that urge to move. Our brains love that little bit of surprise!

Your Brain on Music

Studies show that even when your body is still, the areas of your brain that control movement activate when you hear music. Your brain is secretly dancing!

Music as Therapy

The joy and energy of music can boost your mood and release helpful brain chemicals – that’s why music therapy is used for conditions like depression. Science may find even more exciting uses for music in mental health treatment.

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