Why Is Saying “I’m Sorry” So Hard?

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Ever struggled to apologize when you know you should? It’s surprisingly common! In this segment of “What’s Trending”, host Patricia Wu and guest therapist Ryan Heapy discuss about the psychology behind those difficult “I’m sorry” moments. Ryan breaks down why apologies feel threatening and how to overcome the barriers for healthier relationships.

Apologizing vs. Your Ego

Saying sorry can make us feel vulnerable and like we’re admitting defeat. It’s a natural defense mechanism, but not always the healthiest one.

Power Dynamics

Sometimes we worry an apology shifts the balance of power in a relationship. Ryan reminds us the other person likely already knows we messed up – an apology helps us regain control over the situation.

Fear of Not Being Forgiven

The biggest worry of all! Ryan emphasizes that apologies are about taking responsibility for our actions. Whether or not you are forgiven is less important at the start.

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