What Really Stops You from Getting Things Done?

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Join our hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and expert Dr. Dan Bober, on a revealing conversation on “Psychology Behind the Headlines”. Dive into the psychology of procrastination and learn three easy-to-implement strategies to beat the delay in your daily life.

Understanding the “Why”

Jessica kicks off the discussion by asking if you’ve ever hit the snooze button one too many times or put off important tasks until the last minute. She introduces the study from Ohio State University that peels back the layers of why we procrastinate.

Empowering Strategies

Patricia shares insights from the research, offering hope and practical tips to overcome procrastination. It’s more than just willpower; it’s about challenging our conventional understanding and adopting new methods to get things done.

Self-Reflection Prompt

Dr. Dan urges you to reflect, “Do you procrastinate?” This self-inquiry is the first step toward recognizing your patterns and taking action toward change.

Don’t miss this engaging segment that not only explores the science behind our waiting game but also arms you with the tools to reclaim your time and productivity.

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Editorial Team
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