Uniting America: Discovering Our Shared Values

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In a poll by The Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Centre, it turns out 90% of Americans agree on fundamental values. On “Psychology Behind Headlines” hosts Jessica Reyes, Patricia Wu, and guest Dr. Patrick Wanis discuss how Americans across political divides share much more common ground than expected.

Shared Values: The Foundation of Unity

Americans are more aligned on national identity values than often perceived. Highlighting these shared principles can encourage more constructive and less divided conversations.

Dialogue Over Division

By focusing on common values and engaging in open dialogue, we can bridge divides. It’s about how we achieve our shared goals, not the differences in our approaches.

Overcoming Ego Through Conversation

Setting aside ego and focusing on listening and understanding can uncover common desires and goals. This approach fosters mutual respect and highlights our collective aspirations for democracy and freedom.

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Editorial Team
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