UFC Rhonda Rousey’s Greatest Win: Stepping Away From The Ring

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On ‘Psychology Behind the Headline,’ hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest MHTN Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Bober discuss Rhonda Rousey’s journey from the ring to finding peace on a ranch and why stepping back can sometimes be the greatest victory.

Nature’s Therapeutic Impact

We explore the science behind why being in nature can benefit mental health, reducing stress, and improving mood.

Fame vs. Mental Wellbeing

Dr. Bober explains how the pressures of fame can impact mental health and why more celebrities are prioritizing their well-being.

Finding Your Path to Healing

Whether you’re a superstar or everyday person, this episode emphasizes that everyone’s mental health journey is unique. There’s power in stepping back, finding your happy place, and rediscovering what matters most.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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