Trauma Can Be Transformative: Understanding Post-Traumatic Growth

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Trauma affects a considerable portion of the population, but did you know it can also pave the way for personal growth? On ‘Mental Breakthroughs’ host Jessica Reyes and guest therapist Mandy Morris discuss post-traumatic growth and how to start healing.

Understanding trauma’s impact

Trauma isn’t just about life-threatening events; it can also stem from experiences that overwhelm our ability to cope. This can manifest as anxiety, flashbacks, and feeling constantly on guard.

Post-traumatic growth: A shift in perspective

Post-traumatic growth doesn’t mean ignoring the pain of trauma. Instead, it’s about recognizing the strength, empathy, and resilience that can emerge from difficult experiences.

First steps toward healing

The healing journey begins by talking to someone you trust about your experience. Seek support from a therapist, support group, or faith community.

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