Sleep Deprivation: A Silent Health Crisis

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Are you constantly tired? It’s not just you. Hosts Jessica Reyes and Patricia Wu cover a new study reveals that chronic sleep deprivation is alarmingly common, especially among middle-aged adults. Smartphones, financial worries, and juggling responsibilities are major factors keeping us awake at night. But what are the real consequences?

In this “Psych Behind the Headlines” segment, MHTN Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dan Bober breaks down the science behind sleep deprivation. He explains how constant stimulation from technology and life pressures disrupts our natural sleep patterns. The effects are serious: impaired judgment, increased health risks and potentially, a shortened lifespan.

Good sleep is vital for our physical and mental well-being. By understanding what disrupts our sleep and making changes to our routines, we can prioritize rest and take back control of our health.

Sleep Deprivation is Widespread

Constant pressures and distractions make it harder and harder for people to get sufficient, quality sleep.

Serious Health Risks

Not getting enough sleep increases the risk of heart disease, dementia, cancer, and a host of other health problems.

It’s Time to Prioritize Sleep

Our bodies and minds need rest to function properly.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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