Steps to Heal From Childhood Trauma

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Hosts Patricia Wu, Jessica Reyes, and guest trauma specialist Lauren Penner discuss the complex journey from recognizing to healing childhood trauma.

Understanding Childhood Trauma

There are roots of childhood trauma, such as  abuse, neglect, and family dysfunction as core elements, grounded in adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) research.

Impact on Adulthood

Unresolved trauma can manifest in adulthood, increasing the risk of health issues, mental health disorders, and relationship problems. The significance of addressing these traumas is a must to prevent long-term effects.

Therapeutic Approaches and Support

Penner shares her approach to therapy, focusing on the importance of a safe and affirming therapeutic relationship, especially for marginalized communities. She discusses the benefits of EMDR and the critical need for inclusivity in therapy for LGBTQIA+ individuals and those dealing with religious trauma.

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