Slow Down Aging with Brain Food: Eat Your Way to Longevity

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A recent Columbia University study found that a healthy diet might not only lower your dementia risk but also slow down the aging process in your body. This segment of “Psychology Behind the Headlines” hosts Patricia Wu , Jessica Reyes, and guest therapist Ryan Heapy discuss about the study’s findings and what it could mean for your brain health long-term.

The MIND Diet for Brain Health

The study highlights the MIND diet, which combines elements of the Mediterranean and DASH diets. Researchers found a strong connection between this diet and reduced dementia risk and slower cellular aging.

Nutrition’s Impact on Mental Health

Mental health conditions may have a metabolic component. While the science is ongoing, it’s undeniable that good nutrition supports optimal brain function.

The Gut-Brain Connection

Our gut plays a surprisingly significant role in brain health. With more neurotransmitters present in the gut than in the brain, researchers are exploring the complex ways our diet impacts mood and cognition.

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